Project Spatial: The Beginning


A nice way to start the first blog of my life although I’m sure you might be thinking, whats next. As this is the start of ‘Project Spatial’ my aim is to bring you all the happenings of the Spatial sector within Australia and maybe some interesting tid-bits from the rest of the world. I like to think that this blog will be my personal space to express what I find cool, where interesting uses of information that has a spatial connection is being used and various happenings that I find interesting.


First a little about myself. I am a 29 year old Spatial Professional (I think that is the term the kids are using these days) working in Western Australia for Landgate. A founding member of the Spatial Sciences Institute (now Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute or SSSI) and a past Young Professional Spatial Professional of the year (2008) I have been involved in the Spatial sector for close to 10 years and been part of some really interesting projects and presentations. My dive in Spatial started with a company called ER Mapper (now ERDAS) where I was a programmer. Since realising the ‘fun’ that spatial can bring to the community I decided to get out from behind the computer and start experiencing real use mapping and engaging with the community. Since then I have been an active member of the SSSI and more recently FIG ( as a young ambassador for the FIG 2010 Congress. It is an exciting time in Spatial with Web 2.0 technologies and ‘Mashups’ exploring new uses of technology and community interaction that I hope to be part of now and into the future.


As this is Project Spatial, I will try to keep all posts on this blog impartial to my work within the spatial sector and for the organisation I work for. From time to time this might ‘SLIP’ but I’m sure you won’t hold this against me. I will intent to post regularly and I aim to start with some interesting findings I have experienced from the 3 conferences I have recently attended. These conferences, The Survey and Spatial Sciences Institute Conference, FOSS4G and WALIS Forum have been the real recent driver for a blog as Spatial in Australia; I feel needs to be recognised for the innovative development I see day to day.  I hope you will join me on this adventure and I hope to meet you all sometime in the future!




3 thoughts on “Project Spatial: The Beginning

  1. Maurits van der Vlugt

    hi Darren,
    Great initiative. There aren’t nearly enough blogs like this in oz! Is this a case of WA leading the charge once more?
    I’ll be following project spatial with keen interest..

    Good luck!


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